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We Provide Peace of Mind When You're Away

Monty’s Home Watch Services are your eyes and ears when you’re away. Need your mail picked up? No problem. Cleaning crew let in—we’ll do that, too. Pretty much any event that requires someone to be at your North Scottsdale home when you’re away is what we do. We’ll even grocery shop for you prior to your arrival, if you’d like.

CONTACT US: (480) 292-1546

Who Are We?

Bob and Judy Montgomery are the owner operators of the business, and we live right here in DC Ranch. We first started coming to the area in 1999 and have been offering home watch services since 2009. We’ve owned four businesses over the past 40 years. In each business we’ve been successful by always providing an honest, trustworthy approach to each customer interaction. Whether you’re in DC Ranch, Silverleaf, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Grayhawk or any of the surrounding North Scottsdale communities, we can make life easier for you when you’re out of town.

Service Features

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    • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly home walk-through

    • Checking for needed repairs and issues

    • Mail pickup

    • Meet vendors and servicemen

    • Receive deliveries

    • Arrange for cleaning

    • Take and send digital photos

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Bob and Judy are like having family watch our house. They keep all those little nuisances from becoming big problems while we’re away at our summer house in Flagstaff, or away on vacation. Since we’ve started using their home watch, we’ve never had a problem receiving deliveries and never worry that our house is in disrepair.–Bob Hope, DC Ranch resident

Bob and Judy are great. Reliable, price conscious and trustworthy. We’ve had them let the dogs out, meet repairmen, collect our mail and even waited all day for an important delivery. I wouldn’t use anyone else now that I’ve found them!–Cheryl Solano, Silverleaf resident and local realtor

Per Visit Rate
(Includes mail pickup & house walk through)
Hourly Rate
(site visit required and includes first 30 minutes at no additional charge)
10 Hour Prepay Rate
(Save 10%)
20 Hour Prepay Rate
(Save 15%)





Contact Us: 480-292-1546

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